Restaurant Review: Panda Mama

When I made my first couple of trips home after moving to Berlin, there was one thing which dominated my mind: food. I was barely off the plane before heading into the nearest shop to buy bottles of Lucozade, bags of Tayto, etc. The list was long. In fact, if your are interested in my … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Panda Mama

My Tummy Always Rumbles For Irish Food

Food is pretty much a recurring theme on this blog at this stage. I am surprised really that it hasn’t been the dominant topic on here much sooner as I am CONSTANTLY thinking of food. I am one of those people who are eating dinner in the evening and thinking about what to eat the … Continue reading My Tummy Always Rumbles For Irish Food

The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee

My most recent posts have all focused on my life here in Berlin and what I love about the city. For those of you who have read these posts, you will know that there is a LOT to like about Berlin. However, every time I write or talk about Berlin, it makes me reminiscent for … Continue reading The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee