Book Review: Just the Two of Us by Michelle Scott

Sisterly love is a great thing. You may spend most of your younger years arguing with and resenting your sister but eventually, you grow to be the best of friends. Through the years you are taught to always be there for your sister. But what happens when one day it becomes too much? Just the […]

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Book Review: A Vicarage Wedding by Kate Hewitt

A Vicarage Wedding by Kate Hewitt

Do any of you remember my review of A Vicarage Christmas back in October last year? It was a charming story set around the Holley family who lived at the vicarage, particularly the personal story of Anna Holley. Well, I’m back with another instalment of this series where we get to know Holley sister Rachel […]

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Book Review: The Heart of the Hydra by A. Mangina

we feel for and we route for Nick and Harper and we eventually learn that The Heart of the Hydra is more about acceptance than it is about romance. And we learn this, feeling every emotion along the way, by reading the wonderfully descriptive language of the author.

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