London/Birthday Haul!

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to find myself back in London visiting family. I was also lucky enough to be there during my birthday, which gave me further fuel to go shopping. I expected to return to Berlin with my pockets completely hanging, but the poor exchange rate soon put a stop to … Continue reading London/Birthday Haul!

My First Empties Post

It is finally time to start running with the cool cats by publishing my very first empties post. The only problem is that I am not so cool and don’t have a whole pile of glamorous beauty bits to show you. However, what I do include is affordable and practical and I hope that you … Continue reading My First Empties Post

Miniscule Primark/Penneys Haul

When I say this is a miniscule haul, I really mean it is a miniscule haul - it only has 3 items! Still, everybody loves a Primark/Penneys haul so why not share my bargains with you anyway? I popped into Primark on Alexanderplatz this week to cheer myself up and see was there was any … Continue reading Miniscule Primark/Penneys Haul

Clothing to Survive a Winter in Berlin

Boy, does it get cold in Berlin during the winter time. I write this post looking out at window at a dull, grey Berlin who thinks that a temperature of one degree is enough to keep warm a city of over four million inhabitants. Sigh It is my fourth winter here now and while I … Continue reading Clothing to Survive a Winter in Berlin

Top Winter Lip Care Products

Jack Frost has made Berlin his home for the winter it seems. The friend of hats, scarves and gloves, but the foe of lips. Yes, Jack Frost has well and truly messed up my lips and I don't believe he has even given a quarter of what he has to offer yet. I tend to suffer with … Continue reading Top Winter Lip Care Products

Haul: Primark/Penneys, Urban Outfitters, New Look, DM, Rossmann and Kiko

This last week or so has been all about shopping for me. I had been anticipating a splurge for a while so had kept some money aside to make sure I was not one bit guilty after my purse has been emptied. As many of these items are either new in store or have been recently … Continue reading Haul: Primark/Penneys, Urban Outfitters, New Look, DM, Rossmann and Kiko