Restaurant Review: TGI Fridays

Once I have a particular food or restaurant stuck in my head then I have to try it. I am so determined when it comes to food that I even travelled all the way to Budapest to try TGI Fridays. That is a slight lie. I went there to see the amazing city. TGI’s was … Continue reading Restaurant Review: TGI Fridays

Eating in Budapest: Lángos

Today’s post incorporates two of my current ‘hot topics’ under the letter “L” - food and Budapest. I went to Budapest back in March and I cannot stop thinking about it ever since. You can read some more of my ramblings about the city by clicking here and reading a previous post about it, but … Continue reading Eating in Budapest: Lángos

Budapest: My New Favourite City

Today’s post is a picture heavy one. This something I don’t normally do but I just had to make my ‘B’ post in the A-Z challenge all about my recent trip to Budapest.   What a city. I was there for 3 nights and I loved every second of it. Budapest was recommended by a … Continue reading Budapest: My New Favourite City