A Touching Movie For A New Age

I usually don't review movies never having seen the real need to do so when so many more articulated articles can be found online. It is also not very frequent that I watch a movie and am so taken I continue to think about it for days after. Silver Linings Playbook is perhaps one of … Continue reading A Touching Movie For A New Age


Storm in A Tea Cup: Britain and the Overpopulation Crisis

When legislation was passed allowing the free movement of people within the EU, it was a widely praised act. People were free to work in the EU, live in the EU, or just simply enjoy the pleasures its countries have to offer. However, as the years have passed, the functioning of the world has changed, … Continue reading Storm in A Tea Cup: Britain and the Overpopulation Crisis

Christmas Values

With only a week to go before I fly home for Christmas, you can only imagine the excitement in our wee apartment at the moment. The excitement is also at a high in my workplace considering the vast amount of internationals who are also departing for the festive season. I am crazy running around trying … Continue reading Christmas Values

Breaking Down Writers’ Block

I have been a little quiet on the blog front lately, at least in terms of publishing pieces. If one were to look at my post archives they would find a different story, one with unfinished thoughts and cast away words. That can only mean one thing - writers' block. Professionaly I may not be … Continue reading Breaking Down Writers’ Block