Book Review: The Brotherhood by Jo Fenton

The Bortherhood Book Cover

I’ve told you before about my morbid side. I love books about death and serial killers and kidnappings. I also love books about cults. Like this one. Blurb The Brotherhood* by Jo Fenton introduces us to a grieving Melissa. Melissa’s parents have just died and her violent ex-boyfriend is harassing her. When new-friend Dominic offers […]

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Book Review: The Suspects by Katharine Johnson

Book Review

Do you know what is really hard to find? A good “guess who” story. One that leaves you shocked at the end and isn’t filled with annoying red herrings. It is also hard to find such a book with a shocking ending that feels like the author picked the conclusion out of thin air. But […]

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Book Review: Who Killed Anne-Marie? by CM Thompson

Book Cover Thriller Murder

I’ve said it here before and, hell, I’m going to say it again: I love a book where all the characters are UNLIKABLE. I know for many readers, a book needs to have at least one likable character and it takes away from the book when there isn’t. This book review challenges this notion and […]

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Book Review: Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts

Book Review Thriller Joyful Antidotes

This book has been hiding (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) in my TBR for months. Today, I’m happy to finally get my review to you. Enjoy! Blurb Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts is a psychological thriller that brings Keller Baye and Rebecca Brown together. Previously living on either side of the Atlantic, Rebecca knows nothing […]

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Book Review: My Sister Is Missing by Julia Barrett

My Sister Is Missing Thrill Book Review Joyful Antidotes

I am one excited book blogger to be on the My Sister Is Missing book tour today. See, I mistakenly checked out the Goodreads reviews before starting this book and they made me worry that I was setting myself up for disappointment. However, what happened was I read a book I really, really enjoyed. This […]

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Book Review: The Blameless Dead by Gary Haynes

The Blameless Dead Book Review Joyful Antidotes

Today I have a book review (you may remember it from the cover reveal I posted last year) where half of the book is based during the end of World War II. Don’t click away! I know you may have had your fill of WWII books but The Blameless Dead incorporates an interesting element of […]

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Book Review: The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven

The Puppet Show Book Cover

Today, I’m back to my favourite genre – thriller. Believe me when I say you are going to love this one. Blurb The Puppet Show* by M.W. Craven introduces us to The Immolation Man, a serial killer burning his victims alive in Cumbria. When disgraced detective Washington Poe’s name is found carved into the chest […]

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Book Review: Black Moss by David Nolan

Considering it is November 30th, you would think it’s time for Joyful Antidotes to start making way for Christmas stories full of magic and light. Not this book blog. Today, I have a wonderfully chilling thriller to share. Black Moss by David Nolan begins in April 1990, as rioters take over Strangeways prison in Manchester. […]

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Cover Reveal: The Blameless Dead by Gary Haynes

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a smashing day! I am because I’ve been invited to take part in a really cool blog tour in March. Today, I want to share the book cover and blurb with you and I hope you get as excited about it as I do! Tune back in March […]

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Book Review: Belfast Central by A.K. Amherst

Regular readers will know by now that I’m a fan of historical fiction. This time round I was lucky enough to be offered a great book set in Northern Ireland. If this is an area that interests you and you prefer your historical fiction to be more recent, read on. Belfast Central* by A.K. Amherst […]

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