Book Review: My Life in Football by Ted Buxton

Book Review: Ted Buxton: My Life in Football

Hello everybody and welcome back. Today, I have something new for you on Joyful Antidotes – an autobiography. It is in an area you may never have thought I would read – football. Wow, two uses of the dash there. A very dramatic opener for a lovely book. My Life in Football by Ted Buxton […]

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6 Things To Do This Autumn/Winter

Berlin in Autumn

Some people have begun slowly retreating themselves inside, like reverse vampires, now that autumn is here and winter is fast approaching. While you won’t find me running around outside in -5 weather, you also won’t see me spending my time moaning until Spring arrives. Autumn/Winter can be good for you too if you let it. […]

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Gaining Confidence in September

MAC lipstick and lip liner in 'Heroine'

Last month’s confidence post was such a hit that I just had to make it into a series of some sort. Admittedly, I was nervous publishing the first post as I wrongly presumed that people would just see me as pathetic. However, things went the opposite way and I actually ended up overwhelmed by the […]

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8 Things You Should Know When Moving to Berlin

I have been living in Berlin for nearly four years now. I came here on the back of an unpaid internship with three suitcases and four nights booked in a hotel and like many expats, not one word of German. To say aspects of integrating here have been a struggle is an understatement. It can […]

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What I Am Giving Up For Lent

Lent is upon us again and I have spent the past few days deciding what I could give up this year. Religious or not, many people seem to partake in Lent. I think most people see it as a kick start to make a positive change in their lives, quite like New Years Eve. We […]

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Organising 2015 With The Help Of A Little Friend

I think this is the first time I have ever been excited about a piece of stationary. I bought this pretty diary in Karstadt yesterday for a bargain price of 3.50 euros. Its bright colour and plush cover are sure to cheer me up while I wait for dreary January to pass. This is going to […]

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What You Need To Know About Owning A Cavalier King Charles

I have been sitting on this post for a number of weeks now simply because I couldn’t decide how to write the intro. After much pondering, I decided to produce it the same way I would any form of public speaking – short and sweet. So, here it goes. Let’s begin by giving a little […]

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