Book Review: The Blameless Dead by Gary Haynes

The Blameless Dead Book Review Joyful Antidotes

Today I have a book review (you may remember it from the cover reveal I posted last year) where half of the book is based during the end of World War II. Don’t click away! I know you may have had your fill of WWII books but The Blameless Dead incorporates an interesting element of […]

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Book Review: The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney

The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney

There is only one way to start this book review: The Glorious Heresies* is absolutely epic. Blurb The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney is set in Cork City, Ireland in what seems to be a few years after the recession. It begins with Maureen who kills an intruder in her home and has to ask […]

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Book Review: Picking up the Pieces by Joanne Worgan

Sometimes I reach for books that are completely dramatic. Other times I want something more heartfelt. I didn’t ever think I would find a book that combines both wonderfully. That is until I picked up this book. Picking up the Pieces* by Joanne Worgan introduces us to Kate who has a six-year-old autistic son, Sam. She […]

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Book Review: Appetite by Anita Cassidy

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to read more thought-provoking books? Yes? Well then, I have just the thing for you! Appetite by Anita Cassidy focuses on some of the biggest urges of mankind: food, sex and the desire for more from life. These urges are explored through the stories of three people: Naomi, a […]

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Book Review: Aaru by David Meredith

Book Review: Aaru by David Meredith

Guys, I really can’t believe how much more I am enjoying Young Adult books. Sci-fi/dystopian books are also creeping up my like-o-metre (totally made up that word). If there is one thing I am grateful to Joyful Antidotes for it is for opening up my range of reading genres. Emotional outburst aside, I would like […]

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Book Review: The Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

I have finally met a book whose title exactly reflected how I felt while reading it. It really was the best day ever reading The Best Day Ever. The Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda is told by Paul Strom, a glittering business man who appears to have a perfect life: a beautiful wife, two adorable […]

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Book Review: Trust Me by Gemma Metcalfe

Basically, you just have to get yourself a copy of this book. It will make your heart race, your spine tingle and your eyes want to race on and read faster than you can keep up. This is a fantastic debut from Gemma Metcalfe and I can’t wait to see what she delivers next.

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Empties Post #3

Finally, some more finished products to show to you! Lately I have been buying way too many cosmetics and toiletries that there is not enough time to use products to the end. It will be a hard struggle, but I will get through, at least for the sake of Joyful Antidotes. Let’s kick off with […]

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My Summer Beauty Essentials

Suffer from dry skin every summer? Take a look at my summer beauty essentials and see if there is something there for you!

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