Why I Admire……Victoria Beckham

The third installment of my 'Why I Admire...' series is focused on Victoria Beckham. Victoria is somebody I have admired from my younger days and she was always my favourite Spice Girl. As I grew older, my admiration continued to grow no matter how hard the media tried to portray as a hard, cold woman. … Continue reading Why I Admire……Victoria Beckham


Food: Providing A Full Stomach And A Source Of Identity

Anybody who know me well will know that I absolutely love food. Cooking food, eating food, reading about food, talking about food - anything to do with food. While usually the discussion stems from what I had for dinner, I thought today I would bring you some more intellectual thoughts about food. Enjoy! What is … Continue reading Food: Providing A Full Stomach And A Source Of Identity

Rain, rain, go away?

While wandering aimlessly through the internet I found this wonderful article entitled 'We long for sunshine but we're still happiest in the rain' where the author hypothesizes that the Irish only like the idea of sunshine but not the real thing. I couldn't agree more. I must admit that I am more of a winter … Continue reading Rain, rain, go away?

To bear is to conquer our fate

Finding a place in life can be tough. I mean really tough. Unless of course you are one of those people born with a destiny. I think this is rare though. Not all of us can be actors or pop stars. Very few people are born destined to be an accountant. What do you though … Continue reading To bear is to conquer our fate

Why I Admire……The Olympics

Anybody who knows me well will be very aware of the fact that I am not any way inclined a sporty person. I don’t even really like to watch sport so needless to say the excitement of the Olympics was destined to pass me by. As I live in Berlin, all my television channels are … Continue reading Why I Admire……The Olympics

Why I Admire……Jedward!

While trying hard to organize my life and future lately, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the people whom I admire and the reasons why. These people are not all celebrities; most of them ordinary people such as I who I have encountered throughout my life. I have also spent quite some … Continue reading Why I Admire……Jedward!

Crazy People #2

This week saw another encounter with a complete crazy ass on the public transport. Luckily for me, my level of attraction for these types of people are not so stong. They sit in the same train cart as me but I do not have much direct contact with them. This guy looked relatively normal, or … Continue reading Crazy People #2

Old School Fashion

As you may have gathered from many of my posts, I am a big fashion lover! I try to embrace all different styles and trends and this has led me to having a slightly excessive wardrobe! I don't just like to buy and wear clothes myself though. I get equal enjoyment from shopping for others or just randomly … Continue reading Old School Fashion