Book Review: Kaerou Time to Go Home by B. Jeanne Shibahara

I’ve so excited to bring you another Japan-based book. I haven’t read any since Made in Japan. This next book I’m bringing to you was worth the wait. Blurb Kaerou Time to Go Home by B. Jeanne Shibahara introduces us to Meryl, a Vietnam War widow. Meryl has never remarried following the death of her husband. She […]

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Book Review: The Peacock Room at Sammezzano Castle by Merryn Corcoran

The Peacock Room Book Cover

Today I am heading back to my favourite destination in the world – Italy. Will it be as beautiful as I expect? Find out in my latest book review. Blurb The Peacock Room at Sammezzano Castle* by Merryn Corcoran is based in Tuscany, where the castle actually exists in real life. It is visited by Allergra, an […]

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Book Review: A Matter of Latitude by Isobel Blackthorn

Book Cover A Matter of Latitude Isobel Blackthorn

It’s May. The perfect time to go to Lanzarote. However, this isn’t your typical trip to the island. We are here to find a missing local artist. Blurb A Matter of Latitude* by Isobel Blackthorn starts with local Lanzarote anti-corruption activist, Celestino, being T-boned on a lonely stretch of road. However, this collision is certainly […]

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Book Review: The Unexpected Inlander by Kellyn Thompson

The Unexpected Inlander Book Review

Today I have a sci-fi book review for you. This is an especially good book if you don’t normally read the sci-fi genre but would like an introduction to it. It is not too hardcore and there is a pleasant love story woven throughout. Enjoy! Blurb The Unexpected Inlander by Kellyn Thompson is set in […]

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Book Review: Lies Behind the Ruin by Helen Matthews

If you are currently in the mindset of “all men are dogs” and “there is no such thing as the perfect man”, I have a great book review for your today. Paul is the character that you are going to love to hate. Blurb Lies Behind the Ruin* by Helen Matthews introduces us to Emma […]

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Book Review: The Suspects by Katharine Johnson

Book Review

Do you know what is really hard to find? A good “guess who” story. One that leaves you shocked at the end and isn’t filled with annoying red herrings. It is also hard to find such a book with a shocking ending that feels like the author picked the conclusion out of thin air. But […]

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Book Review: Black Madonna by Linda Lee Kane

Book Cover Black Madonna by Linda Lee Kane

It’s been a while but I’m back with another history lesson. This time it is the Cathars. Enjoy the review! Blurb Black Madonna by Linda Lee Kane opens with the death of nine-year-old Luci de Foix’s parents in a car accident. But was it an accident? A group known as The Order has been watching […]

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Book Review: The Last Straw by Ed Duncan

Book Cover The Last Straw by Ed Duncan

It has been ages since I featured a mob-based book here. It is one of my favourite genres not only in books but in TV and films too. Let’s get to the review and see how this book stands up against the many others I’ve read. Blurb The drama of The Last Straw* by Ed […]

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Book Review: Dyed Souls by Gary Santorella

Book Cover Dyed Souls by Gary Santorella

I have a wonderful YA book review here on Joyful Antidotes today. A wonderful coming-of-age story, albeit one with a heavy tinge of sadness. Let’s crack on. Blurb Dyed Souls* by Gary Santorella is set in the 1980s and is told from the viewpoint of 13-year-old Charlie. Charlie is an intelligent but troubled teenage boy […]

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Book Review: After the Funeral by Gillian Poucher

After the Funeral Book Cover

There is a real morbid side to me. I love stories about death and serial killers. When I was offered the chance to review a book called After the Funeral*, I jumped at the chance. There was just something creepy about the title. I wasn’t disappointed. This book kept me on the edge. Blurb After […]

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