Book Review: No One Saw It Coming by Susan Lewis

When the unthinkable happens…

Hanna’s world is crumbling.

An unimaginable crime has been committed, and everyone’s looking for someone to blame. Her loved ones are under suspicion.

Now Hanna must work out who is threatening her family – before it’s too late.

No one could have seen this coming…


I have to be direct from the start and say that I wasn’t overly impressed by No One Saw It Coming. There are a number of reasons for this. For one, the blurb indicates, at least for me, a dark and snappy thriller. In reality, I found the book to be too dragged out. You really need to get at least half of the way through for the real excitement to kick in. There are some interesting tidbits in the lead up to the main event and I could certainly see how the author was building up the story, but I felt they weren’t strong enough or became too quickly redundant later on. To be honest, I felt like there were many elements of this story that could have been made stronger with more detail and exploration time.

I also didn’t like any of the characters. While it’s always good to explore new walks of life through fiction, I found the white, rich grouping from this book unrelatable and cringy. I like how the main characters were used to explore different relationship types and mental health issues, but I felt there was a wall between us that I just couldn’t penetrate.

It sounds like I really didn’t like No One Saw It Coming but that wasn’t necessarily the case. I finished the book without struggle and the overall story did keep me intrigued. However, I just couldn’t click with it and enjoy it as much as some of Susan Lewis’ other books.

If you are interested in picking up a copy, you can do so here.


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