Book Review: Sensitive: The Power of Feeling in a World That Doesn’t by Hannah Jane Walker

Sensitive is a book about your sensitivity, and mine.

You may not feel that being sensitive is a positive attribute. Or you may have been told that at some point in your life. I believe that the trait of sensitivity is of huge personal, cultural and evolutionary value, that it is a trait that has been misunderstood and deprioritised for hundreds of years.

There are vast and exciting new areas of research currently being conducted in the fields of evolution, environmental and neuro sciences. Research that stands to overturn old ideas about who and what has value.

This book takes the underdog of human characteristics and equalises its currency in amongst other attributes we hold to be important.


I really enjoyed this book. As a generally sensitive, introverted, quiet person, I’m so happy that there is a book like this. Up until my 30s I felt misunderstood and that I was being unfairly held back because I wasn’t the same as others. It took meeting people who were open and supportive to help me accept myself and thrive.

That’s the main reason I recommend this book. It’s vital to understand highly sensitive people. While in the past we applauded assertiveness and a hardcore desire to get ahead, with today’s younger generation, we are moving more towards values like empathy. The author of Sensitive does a great job is helping us understand what we are missing by not valuing highly sensitive people.

This book is not really offering advice or any solutions to being a highly sensitive person. It’s more about learning what high sensitivity is, where it can fit in and why. It’s very refreshing as it really sticks to the point that we shouldn’t have to change who we are to fit in. This book gave me more strength in myself by showing support and understanding than by “advising” what I should do.

Even if you or someone close to you isn’t highly sensitive and you just have a general interest in the topic, it’s a very well researched and articulated book. You can really se the dedication the author put into writing this wonderful book.

Sounds interesting? Pick up a copy of Sensitive here.

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