Book Review: Lucy’s Coming For You by Ashley Beegan

Summer Thomas questions her own sanity when violent patient, Lucy Clark, disappears from a locked hospital ward.

Because no one else will admit that Lucy exists.

As Summer digs deeper into the disappearance, it becomes apparent that Lucy is looking for her too, but Summer should have stayed away. Now, Lucy is coming for her…

And there’s no escaping someone who doesn’t exist.


I’m ashamed to say that this one has been on my Netgalley feedback list for a while now. And I really should have read it early because it was a very enjoyable book.

Lucy’s Coming For You is a psychological thriller but has some real horror vibes, especially the first half of the book. I read quite a bit of this at night in the dark and it creeped me out. So much so, I even had a nightmare about it. It became easier to read as the story starts to unravel. I love when a book starts revealing the plot and it totally makes sense to the brain.

This book has plenty of drama and great plot twists, all of which realistically fit into the story. It is also a book that has you second guessing the characters, flipping between different characters as the main culprit to even questioning Summer’s sanity. The ending, though not overly shocking, wasn’t predictable either.

I was on a bit of a run of mediocre books and, which I don’t think Lucy’s Coming For You will be my best read of the year, it certainly was entertaining enough for me to keep the pages turning.

Pick up your copy of the book here.


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