Book Review: The Wife Next Door by Amanda Brooke

Jane doesn’t know her new neighbours very well.

She thought they were nice. She thought they were happy.

She was wrong.

First there’s the explosive rows. Then she catches one of them digging a grave-shaped trench in the garden.

When the truth emerges, someone would kill to cover their tracks…


I want to start this review with the disclaimer that the storyline focuses very heavily on domestic abuse. Therefore, some may find this book triggering. I feel that the author also takes a rather new approach to the domestic drama genre. To be honest, it’s very hard to explain without giving any spoilers. What I will say is that it operates on the premise that not everything is black and white. I’d be interested to know how others react to this approach.

I quite liked Jane, although I sometimes struggled to understand her decisions. She was smart and sharp and went through a good character arc. To be fair, many of the characters in this book were well developed and that kept me reading, as well as the twists the story provided.

The Wife Next Door started a bit slowly and, to be honest, my expectations weren’t high. However, by the second half of the book, things began to pick up. The author started to unravel the web of lies many of the characters lives under. Once you see the first thread coke lose, it was difficult to put the book down.

Sounds interesting? Get your copy of The Wife Next Door here.


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