Book Review: Rivers of London: Deadly Ever After by Ben Aaronovitch

Illustrations from a mysterious book of fairy tales drawn in the late 1800s are coming to life in the 21st Century and causing havoc. The illustrations were originally painted by a Victorian artist called Jeter Day who disappeared one night in an enchanted forest when he was spirited away by tree nymphs never to be seen again…

Now, with the enchantment accidentally broken by Olympia and Chelsea, daughters of the river goddess Mama Thames, Jeter, twisted by his time spent with the nymphs, has returned to our world bitter and resentful. It is a world he neither recognises nor likes. All he wants is his life returned to him and woe betide any man who stands in his way.

With Peter and Nightingale busy on another case, it falls to sisters Olympia and Chelsea with the help of the Foxes to stop Jeter and save the day.


Two main reasons why I picked this up: I love the Rivers of London series and I want to try more graphic novels. Deadly Ever After was a good start. It had a great story and the graphics were amazing. I’m usually not a short story kind of person but I felt satisfied at the end. Also, I felt it was a good way to read when not having the mental capacity to consume something heavy.

There are two things I would change though. First, I requested a copy of the novel from Netgalley and, while I’m very grateful to have received one, I believe graphic novels are probably better enjoyed in physical form. Second, I’m not far enough into the Rivers of London series to really appreciate the characters in the novel. I missed Peter.

Interested in reading this? You can get a copy here.


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