The Girl I Used To Be by Debbie Howells

Anna and Will have been passing in and out of each other’s lives since they were just teenagers.

Now 20 years later, Anna is married – she has a lovely house, a grown-up stepdaughter and a husband with a good job.

What she doesn’t have is joy. When she runs into Will it sparks something in her, a longing for the Anna she used to be.

Together they embark on a journey to find what brings them joy, to discard what doesn’t and to become the people they always wanted to be. 

But in finding themselves, can they also find each other?


The Girl I Used To Be totally gave me One Day vibes so, if you liked that, this will be a hit for you. It does follow the well-used “will they won’t they” plot line but somehow the author hasn’t made it feel weary. I think it’s because both Will and Anna are very likeable and the obstacles thrown in their way aren’t the same as similar stories.

It also made a difference that we get both perspectives throughout the book. It meant getting to know Will and Anna a bit better and being able to see them as human, flaws and all. This aspect certainly helps you root for the characters a lot more.

I will say that The Girl I Used To Be is a slow burner. Certainly some chapters could have been removed and, at times, I wonder was their any need for so much back story for their relationship. I felt that some of the instances where it wasn’t the right time yet again felt too forced and unrealistic. What I will say was that the ending was emotional and down to the last chapter, I was still unsure how things would turn out. It wrapped up the book nicely for me.

If you would like to read The Girl I Used To Be, you can pick up the book here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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