Book Review: Run Time by Catherine Ryan Howard


Feeling her stardom fading, struggling soap-actress Adele Rafferty is ready to give up on her dreams when she gets a last-minute offer to play the lead in upcoming horror film Final Draft. Could this be her big break? Will she have redemption for what happened the last time she was on a film set? Adele doesn’t think twice before signing the dotted line.  


Adele quickly makes her way to set, deep into the isolated and wintry woods of West Cork, Ireland, miles away from civilization and cell service.  


When real life on set starts to somehow mirror the sinister events portrayed in the script, Adele fears the real horror lies off the page. Isolated and unsure who in the crew she can trust, is there anywhere or any time left to run?


It will be hard to knock Run Time off the top spot for my book of the year. I was absolutely enthralled by this and think it is Catherine Ryan Howard’s best yet.

How did I know I loved this book? I was afraid to read it while I was was home alone. It gave me chills up my spine and I had to continually look over my shoulder to feel at ease. Not only did the author make me feel fearful, it also left me feeling confused, in a good way. As Adele began to wonder if she was losing her mind, I could easily empathise and understand what she was experiencing.

The story was fantastic as well. And, of course, there was the story within the story (the script for the film) just added to the tense feeling and the number of plot lines which needed to be unravelled.

I don’t want to give too much away because Run Time is a book you want to experience for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Pick up a copy of Run Time here.


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