Book Review: We Are All Constellations by Amy Beashel

Seventeen-year-old Iris is happy. She’s fearless, she’s strong. She is everything but a girl who lost her mum.

But Iris’s dad and step-mum have been keeping a secret. One big enough to unravel her. Only the magnetic Órla can provide an escape, until things get…complicated. As Iris questions who she is, it becomes clear she can’t run away from grief.

What happens when someone who has never faced up to the darkness lets it in?


I am a bit torn with We Are All Constellations. While it wasn’t a bad read by any means, the story didn’t really fulfil me. I wasn’t racing to see what would happen next and my interest waned in and out. However, with a book like this, I know it is at its most magical when you read it at a time when you really need it.

The characters also didn’t rope me in. While I felt for Iris, I couldn’t get on board with her entirely. To be honest, that’s probably a sign of a teenager well-written. At times I found her mature, other times borderline spoiled brat.

On the flip side, because I really don’t want this to be a scathing review, I loved the messages that We Are All Constellations shared. The most important for me was around not suppressing your emotions. I really don’t think people understand how important it is not to always pretend you are find. Much of our anger, sadness and discontent stems from our inability to tell others we are not ok.

I also thought this was book an important reflection on mental health. Rather than it be told through the eyes of the sufferer, it is told through their family and friends. It’s so, so difficult to love someone and want to help them but also make the decision that you need to step away. I believe We Are All Constellations will help people struggling with these feelings.

Sounds like something you would read? You can pick up a copy of the book here.


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