Book Review: The Family Game by Catherine Steadman

Harriet Reed, a novelist on the brink of literary stardom, is newly engaged to Edward Holbeck, the heir of an extremely powerful family. And even though Edward has long tried to severe ties with them, news of the couple’s marital bliss has the Holbecks inching back into their lives.

As Harriet is drawn into their lavish world, the family seems perfectly welcoming. So when Edward’s father, Robert, hands Harriet a tape of a book he’s been working on, she is desperate to listen.

But as she presses play, it’s clear that this isn’t just a novel. It’s a confession.

A confession to a grisly crime. A murder. And, suddenly, the game is in motion.

Feeling isolated and confused, Harriet must work out if this is part of a plan to test her loyalty. Or something far darker. What is it that Robert sees in her? Why give her the power to destroy everything?

This might be a game to the Holbeck family—but losing might still prove deadly.


This is my first time reading a book from Catherine Steadman and, based on my experience, I know it won’t be my last.

The first few chapters had me feeling not to expect anything too different from other books I read. However, as I kept going, I found myself hooked. The author does a great job of relaying the dynamics of a family used to getting whatever they want.

While there is an urge to tell Harriet run away as fast as she possibly can, I was also curious if indeed she was the perfect fit for this family. See, Harriet is hiding a dark secret herself and it’s another thread of the story that’s interesting to follow. The conclusion of both stories in The Family Game is pleasing and certainly worth completing the book for.

Pick up a copy of The Family Game here.

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