Book Review: Someone’s Watching Me by Zoe Rosi

Becky’s life is almost perfect. Growing up, she could never have imagined living in such a safe, beautiful home, with a boyfriend as loving and kind as Alex, and hopes for a little family of her own. But then stand-offish Max moves in next door, and things begin to fall apart.

First, someone starts trolling her social media. Then she finds her tyres slashed. By the time she discovers the dead bird, left waiting for her like a prize, she’s sure someone is after her. And having spied some strange goings-on beyond her kitchen window, she suspects that person is Max.

Frightened, Becky turns to Alex for help, but she’s surprised to find that he and Max have become firm friends—and that Alex is convinced it’s all in her mind. But when news of a missing young woman breaks, Becky knows she has to do something. She’s sure she’s seen this woman in Max’s home—hasn’t she?

With Alex concerned that she’s losing her grip on reality, does Becky dare keep digging, knowing her almost-perfect life could shatter into imperfect little pieces?


I absolutely flew through this! It was such an easy read and it kept me interested all the way through. While we get a good understand of how scared and vulnerable Becky feels, she also keeps a lot of cards close to her chest and I was intrigued to learn about her past and discover if the version of herself she presents to the reader is true.

It was hard not to like Becky. Or at least empathise with the situation she is in. So many women are told they are “crazy” or “losing grip” when they express perfectly valid concerns that I’m sure Becky’s story will hit a nerve with many.

Although I enjoyed Someone’s Watching Me, I do feel somewhat disappointed with the ending, particularly the epilogue. While the conclusion itself wasn’t predictable, I feel a lot was said or happened that didn’t really fit with some of the characters or Becky’s account of her past. I really didn’t understand some of the choices she made at the end.

Sounds interesting? You can get Someone’s Watching Me here.

I was sent a copy of this post in exchange for an honest review.


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