Book Review: The C-Word by Mel Schilling

If you think you weren’t born with confidence, it’s time for a reframe. Step beyond imposter syndrome, a crisis of self-belief or a deficit of bravery with this empowering and practical guide to making friends with your fear and building the skills of confidence in every aspect of your life.

Human behaviour and performance specialist Mel Schilling walks you step by step through taking control of your relationships, career and life, demonstrating that confidence, resilience and self-esteem are skillsets to be learned and are essential to helping you thrive. Building on the work she does to coach celebrities, world leaders and game changers, now anyone can learn the tools and skills to expand their comfort zone, to take calculated risks and to develop emotional bravery and fluid competence.


I read The C-Word as part of a blog tour. To be honest, when the time came to pick up the book, I really wasn’t looking forward to it. I just felt I’d read too much non-fiction lately and my head just wasn’t in the right space for it. In the end, I very much ended up enjoying The C-Word.

Despite being adverse to the book at the start, I ended up taking a lot away from it. There were so many great journal prompts I’ve now written down to start working on. I especially enjoyed the focus on overcoming fear. It clicked with me right away. I didn’t realise that overcoming fear of change was a big blocker for me right now but as soon as the author laid it out, I knew what I had to do next.

Of course, with any self-help book, there will be some information you have heard before. However, the author does put her own slant on things as well and I found some of the new perspectives great. I’ll certainly be referring back to a lot of what she said in my coaching.

Sounds like something that could help you? You can purchase The C-Word here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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