Book Review: Good Neighbours by Mary Grand

Australia taught us that everybody needs good neighbours. But how do you know if yours are the ones you should hold onto?


In need of an escape from her failing marriage, Nia agrees to house-sit her aunt’s cottage on the Isle of Wight. She feels sure the cosy close in a quaint harbour town will be a safe place to hide and figure out what to do next. 

But things are not all as they seem in the close, and the neighbours who welcome her with open arms, are keeping secrets. When Nia finds the body of one of her new friends lying on the beach, she feels sickeningly sure that the killer is dangerously near to home.

Who killed her friend and why did she have to die? And if Nia discovers the answers she’s looking for, is she next on their hit list?


Good Neighbours was a ride and a half. Many different characters and a storyline filled with twists and turns. No character goes without suspicion as the author provides reasons for everybody to be the killer. Is the big reveal at the end surprising? Well, it depends on what line of suspicion you take.

Some characters I liked in this book, some I didn’t dislike but found them meh. However, I do admire the author’s ability to give them all distinct personalities. I will admit, though, that there were times when I felt the friendship among them all was a bit forced. It seemed a bit sugarcoated at points and some of the dialogue didn’t come across as realistic. I think maybe reducing the length of the book might have helped eliminate anything that felt like filler.

Overall? Another enjoyable read from Mary Grand. You can pick up a copy of Good Neighbours here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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