Book Review: I Will Find You by Amanda Rigby

I’m glad I found this book. Read my review to find out why.


Ashleigh: A creative, free spirit and loyal. But Ash is tormented by her demons and a past that refuses to be laid to rest. 

Jessica: Perfect wife and loving mother. But although Jessica might seem to have it all, she lives a secret life built on lies.

Grace: An outsider, always looking in, Grace has never known the love of her sisters and her resentment can make her do bad things.

When Ashleigh goes missing, Jessica and Grace do all they can to find their eldest sister. But the longer Ashleigh is missing, the more secrets and lies these women are hiding threaten to tear this family apart.

Can they find Ashleigh before it’s too late or is it sometimes safer to stay hidden?

I Will Find You book cover


This is exactly the kind of thriller I like: fast-paced, exciting and full of suspense. I kept changing my mind about the conclusion of I Will Find You. The author did a great job planting red herrings throughout the plot. When I did come to the ending, it was satisfying, not one that I saw coming but realistic.

I also enjoyed each of the sisters. Each very different and with their own secrets to hide, the gelled very well together to make a thrilling read. Besides the plot, the author used to characters to reflect on sisterhood and complex family situations. Their individual lives were as interesting as the overall mystery Ashleigh was trying to solve.

Sounds up your street? Get your copy of I Will Find You here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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