Book Review: The Bar Killer by H.L. Anderson

Hands up who loves a gruesome story? If you are anything like me, you will enjoy this next book.


Dr. Dean Graves is notorious for being the Medical Examiner that gets assigned the wackiest accidental death cases in Georgia. But even as the detectives on those cases can’t hold in their laughter, Dr Graves finds nothing funny about death and shows great respect for the dead at all times.

When a new serial killer chooses Augusta as his playground, Dr. Graves and his assistant, Kat, get pulled into the investigation, throwing everything they have into finding the murderer before he strikes again. But Dr. Graves’ determination and Kat’s concern about the dangerous situations he’s putting himself in threaten to ruin their friendship.

Carter Ridge witnesses something awful when he’s only eight-years-old, and his reaction is anything but normal. He hides his strange proclivities well, though—until he grows up and his need for revenge brings out the monster inside him.

Carter chooses his victims from local bars. Each successive murder only serves to fuel the flames of his sadistic need to torture and kill the men that remind him of his abusive stepdad.

Told in alternating chapters, see inside the heads of the killer and the straitlaced medical examiner desperate to catch him as they head toward a collision course that will make your heart race.

The Bar Killer book cover


The Bar Killer opens with the killer sticking his fingers into the blown out head of his father. I was immediately intrigued, and the gruesome beginning certainly sets the tone for the rest of the book. However, the gruesome scenes are not just for shock value. The author has done a great job explaining the scientific side of autopsies through the character of Dean.

I quite liked each of the characters in The Bar Killer, however, I found something missing from their stories. I felt as if I was a few books into a series and should have known more about the characters already. Similarly, while the story was satisfying and well thought out in places, I did feel it was a bit rushed in others. However, it was an enjoyable read overall and one to add to the book shelves of gore lovers.

I was sent a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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