Book Review: The Chateau by Catherine Cooper

I’m excited to share this review with you! A great thriller with twists you won’t see coming.


They thought it was perfect. They were wrong…

A glamorous chateau

Aura and Nick don’t talk about what happened in England. They’ve bought a chateau in France to make a fresh start, and their kids need them to stay together – whatever it costs.

A couple on the brink

The expat community is welcoming, but when a neighbour is murdered at a lavish party, Aura and Nick don’t know who to trust.

A secret that is bound to come out… 

Someone knows exactly why they really came to the chateau. And someone is going to give them what they deserve.

The Chateau Book Cover


The Chateau leaves you with an unsettling feeling right from that start – and it only escalates as the book goes on. Of course, that is due to the story and all the crazy things that happen. But it is also very much due to the characters.

Despite the warning in the blurb, I was fooled by Aura and Nick. I thought they were a great couple and maybe the only normal people in their new French community. However, as we get deeper into The Chateau and their characters begin to unravel, it is Aura and Nick that leave me most with a bad taste on my mouth.

Hats off to the author for bringing not just a great story and characters, but for presenting The Chateau in a fabulous way. Each scene comes to life with vivid descriptions and the fast pace of the plot and chapters had me feeling the same downward spiral that Aura and Nick felt too.

I missed the hype of Catherine Cooper’s debut novel, The Chalet, last year so I’m really glad to have been given a chance to read and review The Chateau. This is a book you won’t want to miss. Pick up your copy here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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