Book Review: Her New Best Friend by Penny Batchelor

I really enjoyed My Perfect Sister so it was a no brained that I would also read Her New Best Friend. Was it as good? Find out here.

Goodreads Blurb

Her New Best Friend by Penny Batchelor

Mum-of-two Audrey is horrified when during a moment of distraction in the park, her pram with baby Wilfred in it rolls down the hill and into a pond. Fortunately for her, Claire Jones is nearby and rescues Wilfred, soothing Audrey and daughter Antonia with coffee and cake in a nearby café. No harm is done. 

However, the frightening experience dents Audrey’s confidence and she replays the events over and over, convinced she can’t have forgotten to put the brake on. To make matters worse she keeps spotting a shadowy figure everywhere she goes and becomes sure that someone is stalking her. 

Audrey’s fears are escalating when a catastrophic reaction to a bee sting sends her into a coma – and into hospital – but once again her new best friend is on hand to step in. 

Does Claire really have Audrey’s best interests at heart? 

And if not, why has she inserted herself so cleverly into Audrey’s life? 

Will Audrey ever recover? 

And will her real friends be able uncover the truth before it is too late? 

A twisting tale of intrigue and deception – and of what happens when your worst nightmare comes true.

Her New Best Friend Book Review


Ok, the blurb gives away a lot of the plot. I think that’s a shame as certain parts would have made good twists for the reader. However, there is still a lot more to explore in Her New Best Friend. What I enjoyed exploring the most was the emotions of the book. While I initially thought this would be an all out psychological thriller, I found it also to skew on the side of drama too.

Claire certainly is one to watch. I didn’t the think I’d end up feeling empathetic toward her. I should have put all my loyalty with Audrey but, to be honest, she rubbed me the wrong way. There was something holier than thou about her that didn’t sit right. I guess main characters making you feel opposite than expected adds to the enjoyment of a book, right?

The storyline did suck me in. While I wouldn’t necessarily call it fast-paced, it did find myself steadily making me way through the book. I just wanted to know what happened next. Although the main twist seemed obvious once it was revealed, I didn’t see it coming and I couldn’t rest until I knew Claire’s deal.

Overall, Her New Best Friend is another steady offering from Penny Batchelor. You can pick up a copy of the book here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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