Book Review: Dr. Glass by Louise Worthington

I just can’t say no to a psychological thriller! Here’s what I thought about this one.

Goodreads Blurb

Dr. Glass by Louise Worthington

Clinical psychologist Dr Emma-Jane Glass falls for her captor when the roles of client and therapist are reversed in a psychologically layered story of revenge and grief. Is it a case of Stockholm Syndrome, or something else?

When Dr Emma-Jane Glass’ interview on local radio is deemed to be sympathetic towards a mother’s actions to kill herself and young child, Drew Rogers hatches a plan to teach the psychologist a thing or two about being a grief-stricken spouse left behind. Abducted and held captive in an empty property, Dr Glass swaps places in the psychologist’s chair.

Drew puts the motivation of his wife’s actions down to his extra-marital affairs, but then the sordid truth behind his family’s disappearance is revealed.

Hard-hitting and emotional, Dr. Glass is the first novel in the Glass Minds Series from the author of Rachel’s Garden, The Entrepreneur, Willow Weeps and Rosie Shadow.

Dr Glass Book Cover


I’m sorry to say that this book wasn’t for me. There were two main reasons for this. One was that I felt it didn’t go deep enough. While Dr. Glass heavily features Stockholm Syndrome and the unfortunate instance when a mother kills her child, I felt it just skimmed the surface of these issues. Of course, this is a book of fiction but still, if you have the chance to educate in an important area, I feel you should take the chance and run with it.

The second issue was the writing style. I wasn’t a fan of the third-person narrative. It made me feel disconnected with the characters and, considering psychology is a strong theme in Dr. Glass, it would have made for a better read if we knew what was going on inside the characters’ heads.

However, bear in mind that this is just my opinion. There is a lot to get from this book for another reader. So, if you liked the blurb of Dr. Glass and feel it might be of interest to you, you can pick up a copy of the book here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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