Book Review: A Thousand Goodbyes: The Surprising Life Of A Funeral Celebrant by Ruth Graham

If you enjoyed This Is Going To Hurt, here is anther book that will have you laughing out loud.

Goodreads Blurb

A Thousand Goodbyes: The Surprising Life Of A Funeral Celebrant by Ruth Graham

When Ruth Graham left the world of stand-up comedy to become a funeral celebrant, she’d imagined a less combative career. Over a thousand services later… she knows better.Probably her most demanding role to date, Ruth has needed every ounce of diplomacy, courage, humour and her wits about her to juggle the daily challenges. From grief-stricken families to amorous widowers through to plate-smashing, warring siblings and even a flock of stoned doves at a Rasta funeral.

As the story unfolds we witness her new career developing into a 24/7 commitment. Will it break her? Or will it be the spur she needs to get her own life in order?Jaw-dropping, informative, moving and hilarious in turn, A Thousand Goodbyes is a reminder that nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow; whilst encouraging everyone to seize their day.

A Thousand Goodbyes Book Cover


Even though it terrifies me, I have a fascination with death. Pair that with a love for Adam Kay’s books and I knew I just had to read A Thousand Goodbyes.

There are two sides to this book. One is the literal laugh-out-loud side. There are stories told by the author that will have you in a fit of giggles, and stories that will have you cringing deep inside. Both story types are wonderfully told and highly entertaining, and show just how the world is made up of very different people. Saying that, these stories are also an eye-opener as to the many different ways the human race views and deals with death. Very interesting.

The other side of A Thousand Goodbyes is the insight into life as a funeral celebrant. It wasn’t something I ever really thought about before but, now that I have, much respect to these people. It was very touching to learn the amount of time and effort Ruth puts into her ceremonies in order to give people the best send-off possible. Funerals have such importance for people and to have somebody like Ruth there must been so much to the families.

A Thousand Goodbyes is a warmly-written and engaging book. I feel like I know Ruth after reading it and thank her for sharing her witty, entertaining and poignant stories. 

Pick up your copy of A Thousand Goodbyes here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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