Book Review: Stop Drifting by David R. Ibarra

Another self-help book?! Yes! But it comes with a twist that you just might like.

Goodreads Blurb

Stop Drifting by David R. Ibarra

Tom Stanley, a slightly overweight lost soul, who doesn’t want to get out of bed anymore. He would rather sleep than face the daily grind of his life and his car dealership. Life has lost its luster —until one day a chance meeting changes everything.

Tom runs into fellow car dealership owner, Daniel Santos. Tall, tan, and fit, Daniel is famous for his success and takes Tom under his wing. Not only does he agree to train Tom to run his first marathon, but also coaches him in his business.

Stop Drifting Book Cover


I went into Stop Drifting looking for action points I could take on board, thinking I would find chapters with different lessons and an easy-to-glace-at bullet point list that I could refer back to from time to time. The usual kind of self-help book. You can imagine my surprise two-three chapters in when I realised the lessons would be divulged in the form of a fictional story.

This is a concept that I never came across before and, for me, it had its pros and cons. The pros were that it was very easy to follow and absorb. Any kind of non-fiction book, one filled with facts and information, can be difficult to take in, especially if you are having a reading “off day”. By including a storyline and fictional characters, Stop Drifting became a more relatable book; even if you don’t work in a car dealership it is easy to understand what Tom is going through.

The cons. I’m not sure if this is my preferred format for a self-help book. To be honest, I think it had a lot to do with the dialogue. At times, the conversation between characters didn’t feel natural and I couldn’t get it out of my head that people would not normally speak like this (especially the use of “top of the mornin’). I guess it held me back from taking the advice seriously and also had me skimming through the book.

Despite my own misgivings, Stop Drifting does have a good message and some excellent advice for people to take on board. It was also nice to see somebody produce a different take on a self-help book.

Fancy reading Stop Drifting for yourself? Pick up your copy here.

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