Book Review: Fatal Intent by Tammy Euliano

If medical dramas are your thing, I’ve a great book with plenty of action and a deep central theme.

Goodreads Blurb

Fatal Intent by Tammy Euliano

Elderly patients are dying at home days after minor surgery. Natural causes? Malpractice? Or a serial killer? And why doesn’t anyone care? Anesthesiologist Dr. Kate Downey wants to know why, but her unorthodox investigation threatens her job, her family, and her very life. The stakes escalate to the breaking point when Kate, under violent duress, is forced to choose which of her loved ones to save—and which must be sacrificed. 

Fatal Intent Book Cover


At first, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy Fatal Intent. Like with police dramas, it was vying a bit too much on the side of detail. I much prefer a psychological approach to a book, one that gets into the mind of the killer. However, as each page turned, I became more invested in the story.

If I’m to be really honest, it wasn’t the plot that grabbed me in the end. I still found it to be a bit too detail-orientated and there were times when I felt that too much was happening. Instead, it was the characters that piqued my interest. Although there are many characters to remember in Fatal Intent (both main and secondary characters), the author somehow found a way not to make the reader overwhelmed. In no time I was able to identify each character quickly and even found that each had their own distinct personality. I needed this to provide the emotional attachment the plot was lacking for me.

I didn’t recognise it at first but the theme of “end-of-life” was core to my enjoyment of Fatal Intent. It pieced everything together and also added to my emotional attachment toward the book. It also gave me something to think about: when is a life no longer worth living and who should decide that?

While Fatal Intent didn’t turn out to be one of my favourite books, I’ll credit it for turning around my opinion from an okay to good read. Want to check it out for yourself? Pick up a copy of the book here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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