Book Review: Gordon Square by Tracey Martin-Summers

Police drama? Missing people? Creepy cover? You like all that, right? Then you are going to enjoy this next book.

Goodreads Blurb

Gordon Square by Tracey Martin-Summers

On a cold blustery November night, Detective Sergeant Mike Brugge and his partner Detective Constable Mel Bailey come across a girl, age unknown, in the parkland in Gordon Square. She was frail, malnourished, dirty and was covered in excrement.

What had happened to this girl? Why was she cowering down, shielding her eyes from the light, with a look of horror on her face? She appeared to be non-coherent, totally unengaged and would not speak to anyone. Nothing could penetrate the world where her soul had taken solace.

Mike and Mel set out to find out where she had come from and what had been her plight. Revealing hypnosis sessions allow them to glimpse some of her pain and suffering. Follow their story deep into the horrors that unfold, causing chaos and turmoil among their own lives. The detectives are about to discover a horrific, gut-wrenching story, that spanned over four decades. But will it end?

Gordon Square Book Cover


I really wanted to love Gordon Square but, in reality, it was a total 50/50 for me. The storyline was great. What happened that poor girl was horrific and saddening, but also made for a very interesting read. The scenes that fully focused on her case were the scenes that grabbed my full attention. The problem for me was that there were too many other scenes that detracted from what I consider the main plot.

What the blurb for this book doesn’t tell you is that there is another horrific story running parallel to the missing girl plot. Although the two stories combine at the end, it was a little bit too much for me. Also, because there was so much to focus on, I felt that both storylines were slow-burners until the very end where the conclusion was somewhat rushed and unsatisfying. I think with a better pace and a stricter focus on the action scenes, I would have enjoyed Gordon Square a lot more.

Gordon Square is available to buy now.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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