Book Review: Penny White and the Business of Bees by Chrys Cymri

I can’t believe that I am eight parts deep into my journey with Penny White! It’s been a fantastic read. While I’d love you to read this entire review (and I make it as spoiler-free as possible), it might be wise for you to begin with my thoughts on book one. If you are interested in this book alone, jump on board and enjoy!

Goodreads Blurb

Penny White and the Business of Bees by Chrys Cymri

God knows my life has been very full the last eighteen months, ever since I stumbled across the magical country of Lloegyr. Living alongside dragons, gryphons, were-wolves, and a snail shark has been both a joy and a challenge. You’d think my friends would understand that red wine is the best medicine after another demanding day.

It would help, of course, if I could simply settle into my work with the not-weres at Saint Raphael’s. I might even be able to decide whether to accept Llewelyn’s marriage proposal. But gryphons have flown across the Atlantic to ask for my help in convincing honey bees to return to Earth. Once again I’m faced with leaving behind everything I know. Can I really cope without touching even a single drop of whisky?

The Business of Bees Book Cover


Long-term readers of the Penny White series will be excited to know that something BIG happens in this book. I capitalise BIG because something happens between two characters that I’m sure fans have been waiting for. If you are new to the series, something great happens in every book so you don’t necessarily have to wait until number eight.

The themes in The Business of Bees are the most grown up of the series. We really delve into the flawed side of Penny as she battles a demon many readers will have seen coming. Actually, it is her flaws that make me enjoy Penny as a character. It’s wonderful to see her grow.

In parallel with this we have the story of the bees. Making a swarm of bees refugees from the United States, where they are treated appallingly, was a great reflection of how many don’t take climate change or nature seriously enough.

Once again, another outstanding instalment of the Penny White series. You can pick up your copy of The Business of Bees here.

I was sent a copy of this book i exchange for a honest review.

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