Book Review: Primal Calling by Barry Eisenberg

If you enjoy books focused on family relationships, I’ve something new and exciting for you.

Goodreads Blurb

Primal Calling by Barry Eisenberg

While rummaging through the attic, high school senior, Jack Davies, is surprised to find his never-before-seen birth certificate, revealing a startling bit of information that changes his life. The story his mother told about his birth, he discovers, is revealed to be a lie, shattering long-held beliefs and the trust he had for her. Jack becomes obsessed with discovering the truth, leading him down a dangerous path. Faced with unanswered questions and confounding obstacles at every turn, Jack finds himself deeply enmeshed in an intricate world of national security and international intrigue. Relationships are tested as his every move is tracked by a group of mysterious people. Who are they? Whose side are they on? Who can he trust? And, most importantly, who will he ultimately become?

Primal Calling Book Cover


I have to be totally honest: this book wasn’t for me. I was looking for more of a psychological thriller and less of the espionage side. Sadly, I also didn’t find any of the characters endearing and found myself skimming pages. However, I am fully aware that this is a result of my personal preference and not the book itself. Therefore, instead of focusing on how I felt, I want to offer a more neutral observation of what another type of reader might enjoy about Primal Calling.

The author really captured the upheaval that finding a long-lost parent can bring: Will they want to see me? Will they like me? Will I like them? How will the parent who brought me up feel? The struggles and emotions were truly there in the text. The author also touches on the complications on shared custody and success stories in finding family members, and therefore provides a good balance to the theme.

The characters are pretty well developed. They all have a solid back story and it is easy to see as a reader how they connect to one another. That is always a challenge in a book where there are 5+ characters and where they are present in a multi-layered story. Something similar can be said for the plot of this book. Many things are going on in many locations but the author doesn’t leave the reader completely lost, as can often happen.

Again, while this book wasn’t for me, I do believe it to be appealing to a lot of readers. If you would like to give Primal Calling a chance, you can pick up a copy here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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