Book Review: Meet Me in the Treehouse by Kelly Tink

After reading many dark stories lately, it was such a relief to open up something more lighthearted. If you are looking for a book along these lines, then keep on reading!

Goodreads Blurb

Meet Me in the Treehouse by Kelly Tink

In their secret treehouse, nine-year-old Emma and her best friend Chris made a promise: ‘You and me forever’.
It’s been five years since Emma left her hometown with her soon to be ex-husband and eight years since the tragedy that taught her and Chris that nothing lasts forever. Now thirty, Emma is an unemployed nurse living back on her parents’ farm, her life in tatters. Chris, however, is finally healing and making a success of his family’s country estate. They step into their old friendship as if it were yesterday, but as Emma sets out to rebuild her life, will their past and Chris’s future throw her further off balance? Or will she find the happiness she left behind by returning to the treehouse?

Meet Me in the Treehouse Book Cover


Before I even began reading Meet Me in the Treehouse I was ready to write a review that this book was predictable. And in some ways it was, as most love stories are. However, I was thrown by the ending, which definitely cranked this book up a notch. So, if you are the type of reader to instantly dismiss a book like this – don’t. It just may surprise you.

I love a good thriller but I find books like this a safe space. They leave me with a warm feeling in my belly. And, whether or not Meet Me in the Treehouse would have had a predictable ending, I couldn’t help but get swept away by the story and emotion. I loved the closeness of all the characters. It’s not just there on a romantic level; this is also a wonderful story about friendship and being there for one another, no matter what life throws.

Some other key things to know about Meet Me in the Treehouse: this is not a drawn out will-they-won’t-they story. Also, the story is set on a beautiful estate which helps differentiate from others in this genre.

If you are looking for an uplifting read this month, Meet Me in the Treehouse is available to buy now.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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