Book Review: Façade by Helen Matthews

Does your family have secrets? Are they as awful as the Stapleton’s? You’ll just have. to read this book to find out.

Goodreads Blurb

Façade by Helen Matthews

A drowned child. Estranged sisters. A once-perfect home.

Silence echoes louder than truth. When seventeen-year-old Rachel’s baby brother drowns and her older sister, Imogen, escapes to live abroad with Simon, her musician boyfriend, Rachel must face the family’s grief and disintegration alone.

Twenty years later, Rachel is a successful businesswoman, with a daughter of her own, supporting her parents and their elegant Georgian home, The Old Rectory, that shackles them to the past.

Simon’s sudden death in Ibiza brings Imogen back, impoverished and resentful. Her family owes her, and she will stop at nothing to reclaim what she believes is rightly hers.

The rift between the sisters seems permanent. While Imogen has lived a nomadic life, filled with intrigue, in Spain and Tunisia, Rachel’s has appeared stable and successful but, behind the veneer, cracks are appearing. Now, she is vulnerable.

As the wall of silence and secrecy crumbles, danger stalks Rachel’s family. She must re-examine her baby brother’s death, find out what happened in Tunisia, and fight to hold onto everything she’s achieved –or risk losing it all.

Façade is a gripping tale of loss, guilt and danger.


Ugh. Imogen is just awful. It’s this fact that kept me intrigued. I really wanted to know what she was hiding, what she was up to, and, most importantly, how far she would go.

Façade is a dark book with plenty of family secrets, and even more twists and turns. What stood out most for me was that blood is certainly not thicker than water for some families. I needed a conclusion and boy did I get one. This is sliding to the side of spoiler alert for my standard so I hope you won’t mind. I just need to tell you that the ending was falling a bit flat for me until I got to the last page. Wow. It had me rethinking everything I learned from the pages beforehand and meant I will remember Facade for longer than I originally thought.

I would have liked a bit more details in some places, though. Now, I won’t say exactly where because that would really be giving the plot away let’s just say that certain attitudes changed throughout the course of the story and more detail would have made these changes more realistic.

Sounds like a story for you? Facade is available to buy now.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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