Book Review: The Catfish by David Hatton

I read my first David Hatton book last year and it was great. My second was even better.

Goodreads Blurb

The Catfish by David Hatton

Rachel McCann has left the corporate world of law to open her own independent practice. Her first client is a mother whose son has been catfished online by a vigilante group: The Predator Hunters.

In a world where a criminal trial is outweighed by the wrath of social media, how far can Rachel go for her client who will stop at nothing to protect her son’s honour?

The Catfish Book Cover


The Catfish is an incredibly dark story. I love stories like this but I have to admit that some of the themes might be triggering for others (pedophilia, suicide, online bullying). Saying that, this book has true death and the themes/plotlines were not just written fr the shock factor. In actual fact, many of the themes are quite thought-provoking. Today’s lean toward trial by media especially stood out to me. Where can the line be drawn between helping (in the case of the vigilante group in this book) and plain bullying?

The other thing that really stood out to me was the strength of the female characters. Rachel and Karen both go through a lot in The Catfish. Not only do they come out the other end, the carry out their battles with a true sense of dignity. It’s nice to see more characters like this appearing in books, especially those written by male authors.

I cannot wait for the next book by David Hatton! Let’s see what shocking story he can come up with next.

The Catfish by David Hatton is out now.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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