Book Review: The Summer of Taking Chances by Lynne Shelby

A new review for those who are looking for a bit of summer romance.

Goodreads Blurb

The Summer of Taking Chances by Lynne Shelby

It’s been ten years since Emma Stevens last laid eyes on Jake Murray. When he left the small seaside village of South Quay to chase the limelight, Emma’s dreams left with him.

Now Emma is content living a quiet and uneventful life in South Quay. It’s far from the life she imagined, but at least her job at the local hotel has helped heal her broken heart.

But when Jake returns home for the summer to escape the spotlight, Emma’s feelings quickly come flooding back. There’s clearly a connection between them, but Jake has damaged her heart once already – will she ever be able to give him a second chance?

Escape with this perfect, heartwarming summer romance, for fans of Sue Moorcroft and Miranda Dickinson.

The Summer of Taking Chances Book Cover


When you choose a book simply because it will help you relax and drift away into another world, it’s great to come across a lead character like Emma. Emma is a sweet, uncomplicated person. She is a wonderful friend, a hard worker and is passionate about her part of the South Quay Players amateur dramatics group. It was hard not to want the best for her. That’s why I couldn’t stand Jake.

It felt like the story was set up for me to like Jake but I found him much too egotistical. I didn’t feel like he improved as a character as the story developed and, as a result, I couldn’t take the blooming romance between himself and Emma seriously. I just couldn’t understand how she could continue to have feelings for a person who looked down his nose on her drama group and friends.

See, I loved the Players and the sense of community and friendship they brought to the book. They may not all have played leading roles but, as a collective, they were better for Emma than Jake by far. Not that this was a story where she had to choose between the two. If you want to know how Emma’s life developed beyond the book blurb then you will have to pick up a copy of The Summer of Taking Chances 😉 If you do, please do stop by again and discuss Jake with me. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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