Book Review: Blue Hollow by Cheryl Rees-Price

I have an absolute cracker for you today. Get the food supplies and the blanket ready. You are going to go into a 24-hour reading session for this one.

Goodreads Blurb

Blue Hollow by Cheryl Rees-Price

A child lies in an unmarked grave, another missing without a trace.

Blue Hollow is a place that Eddie fears. He has never spoken of what happened there. Unimaginable horrors that have haunted him all his life. But Eddie is dying, and he can’t take the past to the grave. The only person Eddie trusts is Dora, he has protected her all these years and now she must know the truth. Eddie’s every move is being watched so he records his story on a series of tapes but before he has a chance to explain to Dora he is brutally murdered.

Now Dora must find the tapes and uncover Eddie’s story, but there are those who will stop at nothing to silence Eddie forever. Dora has a choice, bury the truth with Eddie or become the next victim of Blue Hollow.

Blue Hollow Book Cover


Blue Hollow is a book that will grab you from the start, with action right from the very first page, plus plenty. of twists and turns throughout. And through that one short day it took me to read the book, I went through a wave of emotion: sadness, relief, horror, excitement.

Blue Hollow really followed that thin line between good and bad. Is revenge ever justified? Even when it is to avenge horrific child abuse? Don’t make up your mind until you read the acts of child abuse that occurred in this book. It may be fiction but, at times, it ebbs on the side of real life.

There are lots of interesting characters in Blue Hollow but I was drawn to Dora the most (easy of course when she was the main character). At times, I thought her stupid for putting herself in so much danger. However, on the flip side, I admired her fight for justice and the love she had for her Uncle Eddie.

It’s difficult to write a long review for Blue Hollow without going into spoiler territory. You will just have to trust my fine judgement that this is a book you do not want to miss.

Get your copy of Blue Hollow here.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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