Book Extract: One Last Shot by Stephen Anthony Brotherton

Three is the magic number. That’s why, after bringing you reviews of Another Shot and An Extra Shot, I’m now providing an extract from the final book in the trilogy, One Last Shot. Enjoy!

Book Extract: One Last Shot by Stephen Anthony Brotherton

The opening of the book sees Jo-Jo wondering what to do next.

Jo-Jo – August 2015

I was sitting on a bench in the gardens of the Hotel Rushmore, sipping my peppermint tea and thinking about the thirty-five years ago clinic with its paper sheets, woman’s magazines, omnipresent antiseptic, pain, vomit and black-hole nothingness. I placed my hand on my stomach and sighed. ‘Oh, Freddie,’ I said.

The French doors to the hotel restaurant opened and Amy walked out, closed the door behind her and strode across the lawn. She sat down next to me and squeezed my knee. ‘You okay?’ she said.

I nodded, my hand still on my stomach.

‘Dan’s booked the flights, Mum. We leave the end of the week. If that’s what you still want.’

‘It’s been two days, Amy. He’s not going to phone.’

   ‘Dan thinks you should call him.’

‘You’ve discussed this with Dan?’

‘He is your son-in-law. He cares about you.’

‘I did wonder about calling Jack,’ I said. ‘But it feels like I’m a stalker. And if Freddie’s made his decision…’

‘Didn’t all this start with missed phone-calls? Don’t let pride get in the way.’

‘You’re right,’ I said, reaching into my bag and pulling out my Samsung phone. ‘Jack must have spoken to him.’    

‘I’ll get us some more tea,’ said Amy, picking up my cup and saucer from the lawn. She stood up and walked off towards the hotel.   

I scrolled down my contacts list and tapped on Jack’s name.

One Last Shot Book Cover

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