Book Review: Dreams of Lake Drukka & Exhumation by Mike Thorn

Tired after an eventful Christmas and New Year? No problem. Today’s review is as short and snappy as the book it’s about.

Goodreads Blurb

Dreams of Lake Drukka & Exhumation (Short Sharp Shocks! #31) by Mike Thorn

Dreams of Lake Drukka and Exhumation explore the unearthing of horrific, long-buried family secrets. Journeying into the darkest recesses of the past, these stories depict the dire consequences of discovering the truth.



It took me just 30 minutes to read both short stories from the latest Mike Thorn book, but I won’t forget them as fast.

Both of these chilling stories are perfect for horror lovers. I made the mistake of reading them late at night, leading me to spending a good chunk of time convincing myself that nothing was lurking in the shadows. See. the author writes such immersive descriptions that one would actually believe they are characters in the book. Saying that. I’m glad I’m not. I could do without that level of family trauma in my life.

See, a short and snappy review. But I don’t want to leave you there. So, I’m going to leave you with some insights into the duology from Mike Thorn himself, and I’ll end with my one and only complaint from this book: it was too damn short!

Writing about this duology, author Mike Thorn says: “It was only in retrospect that I could see the connections between these two stories. When I revisited them for publication, it struck me that they work well as companion pieces. Both plots depict unfulfilled pacts with supernatural undercurrents, both include journeys to uncover unresolved familial trauma, and both pivot around the revelation of repressed memories. I wanted to explore the relationship between setting and atmosphere in these pieces, and to depict horror within internal and physical ‘sites of trauma.’ The characters are grappling with painful memories / experiences that have held them back, consciously or unconsciously. One story focuses on a character who is the agent of her own revelations, whereas the other story sees someone whose agency is quickly and brutally taken away.”

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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