Book Review: Refraction by Terry Geo

We are nearly at the end of another year. A year in which I read some really great books. I’m really happy to be rounding up 2019 with something different that caught me off-guard.

Goodreads Blurb

Refraction by Terry Geo

Most stories start at the beginning; this one begins at the end. At least for Maria.

Her sudden death sends shockwaves through her family and pushes her grieving mother to the very brink of insanity. After exhausting every avenue conventional medicine has to offer, Maria’s father, Henry, brings together the world’s greatest minds in the hope of carving out a new path.

Months pass, and as Henry watches his beloved Elena slowly drift away, he begins to lose faith. It is only then that a solution presents itself. A discovery so momentous, it saves Elena and reveals the most important scientific and technological breakthrough in modern history.

Silicate is founded; a privately funded facility which delves deeper into the human mind, able to discover answers to questions we are yet to ask. Securing Silicate’s secrets becomes of utmost importance; even after treating hundreds of patients, the public are still unaware of the wonders and terrifying reality Silicate has unearthed . . .

The world you know is only half the story.

Refraction Book Cover


Refraction is how I like my sci-fi – not too hard core. Actually, I would say it is not 100% a sci-fi novel. It also has elements of fantasy and mystery, making it all the better for me. I would also say this book is very, very imaginative. Of course, I can’t say much more so as to keep the storyline a secret but I will divulge that it gave me Jurassic Park vibes. From the science, not the dinosaurs.

Refraction was good for my suspicious and untrusting nature. Silicate are a company hiding a big secret, and I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome. And this secret is revealed at a wonderful pace that kept me turning page after page. It’s good that the storyline made me feel this way about Refraction because, unfortunately, the characters didn’t. It wasn’t that I necessarily disliked them and they did all serve a purpose, it was just that I couldn’t really connect with any of them. However, the icing on the cake was how diverse the characters are – without the author making a song and dance about it. This is the way diversity in books should be.

Overall, a great read and an even greater way to end 2019.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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