Book Review: The Good in Goodbye by Lasairiona E. McMaster

Do long distance relationships actually last? Especially when one of the parties involved in married – to another person. Let’s find out.

Goodreads Blurb

The Good in Goodbye by Lasairiona E. McMaster

Relationships are complicated. Long distance ones, even more so.

When Lisa Millar met AJ Williams online through mutual friends, she wasn’t prepared to fall in love with the man of her dreams. She was even less prepared to discover that he already had a wife. In a heart-wrenching story of love attempting to transcend miles, Lisa finds herself pregnant and on the wrong side of the Atlantic from the man she loves.

Will their love conquer all? Or will the intricacies of a relationship woven across the Atlantic be too much to take and tear them apart once and for all?

The Good in Goodbye Book Cover


Of course I’m not going to tell you whether or not Lisa and AJ’s relationship lasts. You need to grab a copy of the book if you want to find out that. What I can tell you is that, unfortunately, The Good in Goodbye was not for me.

I’ve read so many wonderful reviews about The Good in Goodbye that I am sure I’m in the minority with my opinion. Thing is, I just couldn’t connect with the characters. Now, it could very well be because I came into Lisa and AJ’s story on the second book. Perhaps if I had read about the foundations of their relationship I would have liked them more. Or maybe not. I guess I just found their relationship unrealistic. And somewhat childish, if I am to be honest. In fact, I had this feeling about all the relationships in this book, which were namely friendships. Except for Jack. I found him to be genuine and mature and I liked that.

One thing I really did like about The Good in Goodbye was its fast-paced writing. A lot of the writing actually took form in the place of text messaging. It was a good fit for a long-distance story and was a pretty modern take on storytelling. I’m sure people of a younger age than me, who I think are a better fit for this book, will certainly appreciate it.

I really thought I was going to like The Good in Goodbye but sadly it wasn’t for me. That doesn’t mean it is not for you though. Go check out some of the other reviews available on Goodreads and see how they sway you.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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