Book Review: Penny White and the Vexation of Vampires by Chrys Cymri

Very excited to be back with my good friend Penny White today. Let’s see what she has gotten herself into this time.

Goodreads Blurb

Penny White and the Vexation of Vampires by Chrys Cymri

I stared at my shopping list, wondering what any normal human would make of it. ‘One box of communion wafers. Six bottles of fortified wine. Several pints of goats blood for the curate?’

After an extended stay in the magical country of Lloegyr, I’m ready to resume life as the priest of a small village church. Clyde needs time to heal from his wounds, I’ve been given a vampire deacon to train, and Peter and I have to make some important decisions before our wedding day.

But the problems of Lloegyr have followed me home. Raven is still recovering from the Spirit Ceremony. The vampires living in my church are being unreasonable. My back garden is slowly filling with snail sharks. And Her Majesty’s Government wants me to find out why vampire colonies are emigrating to England.

I love Peter, but there are so many other demands in my life. Will he accept that there are just some things I cannot give him?

Penny White and the Vexation of Vampires Book Cover


I have a problem. The Penny White books are getting harder to review – but the books are getting so much better. What is a book blogger to do? All I can recommend is that you start the series from the beginning (with this review). And with this review, I’m going to tell you, without spoilers, what you can look forward to when you get to book five.

  • A new take on vampires
  • A look into racism and how it is sadly something that still occurs today, and across different cultures
  • Some jibes at Brexit
  • A reflection on our willingness to sacrifice for others

Plus, a whole load of magical creatures, amazing friendships, and sprouting love. Like I say every time, if you are a fan of series like Harry Potter and Rivers of London, you are going to love Penny White.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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