Book Review: The Friendship Key by Winfried Sedhoff

As much as we like to think we can face this world alone, life is much better when it includes friendship. Sadly, it’s not something all of us can easily achieve. Luckily, Winfried Sedhoff is here with some good advice so we can at least make a go of it.

Goodreads Blurb

The Friendship Key to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Strong Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job by Winfried Sedhoff.

We all yearn for a deeply satisfying life filled with meaning, purpose, peace, and security. In this disaffected world we seek a sense of belonging; to be accepted and loved for who we are.

The Friendship Key to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Stronger Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job! author, family physician and counsellor, Dr Winfried Sedhoff reveals how friendship empowers us to achieve such meaning, and by doing so reconnect with, and ultimately, change the world.

But first this pivotal book maps the disconnection. Dr Sedhoff gently reveals how we lost sight of close personal connection; what made competition more important than uniting as friends; why we’d rather keep up with the Jones’s and the ruthless pursuit of often-insatiable lusts than support and care for one another. He reminds us of the inevitable personal, social, and global devastation when we no longer prioritise and value being friends. Outlining why friendship is critical.

Blending elements of Dr Sedhoff passions for history, tribal society, ethnology, psychology, and self-understanding we are offered a tool-chest brimming with simple, practical, steps to help us prioritise and build friendships, be liked, strengthen the depth and quality of our relationships, increase business success to global standards, eliminate bullying, prejudice and hate, uniting communities, and restoring governments to the people – finally ridding them of corruption.

As our own lives are transformed we automatically become powerful instigators of immense positive social and global change; the creators of a satisfying peace potentially spanning generations.

The life we long for is at our fingertips. This book outlines the tools we need to grasp it.

The Friendship Key Book Cover


I felt that The Friendship Key was a lot more than a self-help book. Thanks for the inclusion of the history of friendship and how friendship works in other countries, I learned a lot of interesting information. However, I should state that there is a lot of this type of information. Actually, there is a lot of information in general in this book, some of which I struggled to tie into the theme of friendship. It is all interesting, of course, it just makes the book quite long. But if all you want are some quick pointers, each section is rounded up by key recommendations you can follow.

My favourite section of The Friendship Key was that on community spirit. The author is right, it is indeed dwindling. One is extremely lucky these days to have a good relationship with their neighbours. This may make me sound like an old fogey but in this case, I’d really like to have the old days back.

One element of The Friendship Key that didn’t sit comfortably with me was the author’s ideas about gender. Some were quite old fashioned about what men and women should be and their desires. I found them quite off-putting and they took away from the value if the book for me.

Still, it was an interesting book jam-packed with information and I took one or two things away from it. Will you be giving The Friendship Key a go?

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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