Book Review: The Three Hares: The Jade Dragonball by Scott Lauder and David Ross

Where are all my fantasy readers at? And the ones who enjoy historical fiction? I have a great book that combines both genres for you today.

Goodreads Blurb

The Three Hares: The Jade Dragonball by Scott Lauder and David Ross

Sara Livingstone’s school trip to the Beijing Palace Museum takes a terrifying turn when an encounter with the ancient Qingming Scroll thrusts her a thousand years into China’s past. With secrets in the shadows and danger around every corner, Sara relies on her wits and her Granny Tang’s stories to survive. As dark forces gather, she must take her place in a cosmic battle and find the courage to face an unworldly ancient magic.



While reading The Jade Dragonball, I was saddened thinking I would have to write a review about a book I didn’t enjoy very much. I just found it a bit too YA for me. And, while I still do, I finished the last page being much more satisfied than I originally thought.

The Jade Dragonball is extremely fast-paced, shifting between past and present before the connection between the two is apparent about a third of the way through the book. Once I knew where things were going and more of the Chinese folklore I craved was inserted into the story, I was more satisfied. Well, to a point.

That’s how I know that I enjoyed The Jade Dragonball in the end: I was left wanting more. I wanted more of the folklore, more of Granny Tang, and a resolution to Sara’s quest. I’m going to have to read the next book in the series to get these though. Do you know the way that reviews often warn if a book is not the first in a series, so that you are sure to go back and read the previous books first? I think reviewers also need to put a disclaimer if a book is the first of a series. That way, demanding readers like myself can dive in knowing that there will be no full circle in just one book.

One more thing: The Jade Dragonball reminded me of Jumanji. Is that weird? Scott Lauder, if you are reading this post, could you let me know if Jumanji influenced you at all when writing this book?

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to further resolution as I read the rest of the series.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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