Book Review: Blood and Sand by Jennifer Lane

How do you rebuild your life when you are suffering from your father’s mistakes? That’s what Logon needs to figure out in today’s review.

Goodreads Blurb

Blood and Sand by Jennifer Lane

When her father goes to prison for crimes against the country, Logan Cole loses everything: her family, her fortune, her future, and her home.

She wants her father to get out of jail and set it all right, but his legal troubles mount. Under a barrage of vicious online threats, she heads for the Canadian border and stops in the smallest cozy town she can find. It’s the perfect place to be anonymous.

But this isn’t the high society she once knew. The only job she can find is at the local bar. And she’s never worked a day in her life.

Lucky for Logan, the town has simple taste, and she makes a name for herself as a hard worker who masters the world of cocktails and brings the town to a new way of drinking. When a tragic accident threatens the bar, Logan has to choose between revealing her true identity to save it or saying goodbye to the only thing she’s ever built on her own in order to save herself.



Is it possible to have a coming-of-age story with a character who is in their 20s? If so, Logan’s story is it. It was very interesting to see Logan rediscover herself, to find out just how resilient she can be when times are tough. And we are rooting for her all the way. See, Logan isn’t like the rich characters we come across in many books and films. She may not be akin to the lifestyle we ourselves are, but she has always been a kind and humble person. Therefore, we see that kindness and respect for people can often get you further in life than money. The inclusion of these traits did one very important thing for Blood and Sand, it made the main character relatable. That is not easy to do when the character has come from a filthy rich background by Jennifer Lane has ultimately succeeded in doing so.

Much of the book is spent hinting at what Logan’s father actually did to get his family into this situation. The outcome was a disappointment for me. I felt his crime was overhyped but at the same time, not enough information was provided for me to feel satiated. Never mind. The rest of Blood and Sand made up for this.

You know what, this was just a great book to read. It wasn’t the dramatic thriller I had envisioned from the blurb but it has enough action to keep me hooked. Throw in wonderful prose plus a selection of interesting characters and you have yourself an excellent read in Blood and Sand.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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