Book Review: Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart by Lisa Shumate

I’m on a role with the non-fiction books lately! Today I’m bringing you a review of a book offering some intelligent insights into being happy. Enjoy!


Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart by Lisa Shumate shares an incredible resource for twenty-somethings, walking them through 20 truths that they should always and never incorporate into their lives.

Whether you are twenty-something or older, these concepts are simple yet timeless, and they have the power to transform the way you think and act, setting a high standard for you and the quality of your relationships.

Shumate asserts that putting Always and Never mantras into practice every day will build a strong foundation for the rest of your life, one that helps you realize your most cherished goals and dreams. This book will guide, inform, and inspire you for the bright future to come!

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Always and Never is a very short book at just 57 pages. But that is a good thing. It means that it is easy to revisit anytime, and easy to jump straight to the piece of advice you need.

The book is filled with solid and simple pieces of advice that we often forget: listen to people, treat others how you would like to be treated, etc. There is an “always” and a “never” for each point that guides the reader on how best to take on each piece of advice. I liked that aspect as it really drove each point home.

Now, I have to admit that this book might suit a younger person with less life experience better. However, there is value from everyone. What I took away from Always and Never is to always be a student. I’m learning the value of that every day and it helps me grow.

If you were to pick up a copy of Always and Never, I would recommend also picking up a copy of its companion journal. The companion journal is based on the 20 pieces of advice from the main book and offers space to question your life choices, as well as take note of your reflections and thoughts. There is a moment of truth at the end of each exercise that helps out things in perspective, and ensures that you get the most out of each piece of advice.

I just read through the book and companion journal so I could get a feel of them for this review. And through that read, I gained some valuable advice. I can’t wait to go back and fill out the journal and gain from the full potential of Always and Never.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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