Book Review: Slated by Alexis Sands

Hey all! Thanks for stopping by. Today I have a book review that combines suspense, love, and erotica. Does such a mix work? Read on to find out!


Slated by Alexis Sands introduces us to Sloane Slate, a young woman who was diagnosed as a highly functioning borderline. Twice. She knows exactly what the label means – no lasting relationships. But she craves the kind of unconditional love where nothing feels like it’s missing. Determined to find true love, she hides her BPD from everyone. 

When she meets Connor, a rugby player, their attraction is magnetic. She’s certain he feels their undeniable chemistry. Their sexy role-plays sizzle and they share an intense passion for movies, too. But he never takes her to see one. She can’t figure out why he doesn’t call or text for days or why he won’t commit.

Behind her party-girl persona, she can’t stop her inner thoughts from overanalyzing what must be wrong with her-or stop picking her skin. Sloane feels everything intensely and reacts accordingly. Her reckless lifestyle and an unexpected friendship with a drug dealer quickly transform her life from upbeat rom-com to twisted docudrama. When she’s faced with an inevitable life-changing decision, she’s split. If she takes her mask off and reveals her secrets, she risks losing her true love. But if she keeps them hidden, she’ll face dangerous consequences that could follow her forever.

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Slated Book Review


I knew almost immediately that Slated would not be the type of book I normally go for. To be utterly honest, there was too much sex and drugs right from the beginning, two things that didn’t become any easier for me to read as the book progressed.

Still, I found elements of Slated that I did enjoy.

I was intrigued by Sloane and wanted to know her story. Luckily, I was able so see beyond the sex and drugs to get a sense of her truer self. However, I did find the more rock and roll side of her personality interesting as it’s a whole new side of life for me.

However, the part of Sloane’s I wanted to know most about was her struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD was not something I knew much about prior to Slated and, unfortunately, felt that this book didn’t go into the topic as much as I would have liked. Saying that, Slated is part of a series so I hope this important issue is delved into more as the books progress.

Finally, and unexpectedly considering the opening third of the book, Slated is a Sweet love story between Sloane and Ryan, even if it is over the top at times. Out of all the themes that run though this book, I’m sure this is one that will be explored most.

Slated is a book I normally wouldn’t have gone for, and after the first few chapters I was tempted to give up. But I’m glad I didn’t. This book took me out of my comfort zone and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next in the series has to offer.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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