Book Review: The Minimalist Babe: Tidying-up Your Whole Life by Lola R. Marie

Fan of minimalism or simply want to learn more about the concept? I have a great book for you today.


The Minimalist Babe: Tidying-up Your Whole Life by Lola R. Marie

Lola is every bit the minimalist babe – she lives simply, is intelligent and sassy, emotional and strong, calm and composed. Realizing that less is more, she traded in material possessions to focus on what was truly important to her. Lola’s inspiring guide delivers real-world advice on how to consume less, clear out clutter, find authenticity, and live a life based on freedom. It is a sincere attempt to help those who want to end their obsession with stuff.

Echoing the thoughts behind Leonardo da Vinci’s quote that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” this book teaches you how to value the simple things. From learning to declutter and live with less to living life with passion, good health, and great relationships. The Minimalist Babe is for anyone who desires a more intentional life. Drawing from real-life experiences, it is filled with stories that will teach you step-by-step how to be:

Authentic, self-assured, calm and composed, mindful, minimal and self-sufficient, financially stable, purposeful, free, healthy and happy.

Goodreads blurb

The Minimalist Babe Book Cover


Minimalism is something which has begun to interest me more and more lately. I don’t think I’ll ever have a capsule wardrobe or the like but the idea of only having things that bring me joy is appealing. So, when I saw the opportunity to review The Minimalist Babe, I jumped at the chance.

The Minimalist Babe is easy to read and is broken down into different topics by chapter (friendships, possessions, etc.). This makes it easy to return to a particular topic should you want to revisit the advice in the future. Also, it helps you read the book piece by piece. There is a lot of information in x which is great, but which can also overwhelm you. I felt the instant need to minimalize all parts of my life at once. As appealing as it may sound it is not possible. Therefore, the different chapters and topics make it easier to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Plus, there may be areas that you don’t want to work on, and that’s fine too. I know that there are some chapters I won’t be re-reading as I found them too intense (I found they sucked the fun out of things I enjoy in life). I won’t mention which ones here as I don’t want to influence anyone. Each person should go into this book with an open mind and take what is best for them from it.

But now back to the information provided. The advice is practical and easy to do (get rid of any clothing that doesn’t make you feel food). I appreciate how the author goes into more scientific fact in some chapters. You get a better understanding of how some things can make you feel bad, clutter, for instance, which refrains the book from becoming preachy. Also, besides the easy to digest chapters and sections, the author allows her advice to be easy to take in and implement by adding checklist plus key points and a challenge at the end of every chapter.

If you are interested in embracing minimalism more, The Minimalist Babe is a great place to start. It provides valuable, practical advice rather than the opinion of one person. The perfect format for trying something new.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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