Book Review: A Killing Sin* by K H Irvine

Today I review a really hard hitting book for you. If I’m to be perfectly honest, I don’t exactly know where to start with this as there are so many different themes to deal with. What I can say wholeheartedly though is that this is a gripping book and I can only hope that this review does it justice.


A Killing Sin* by K H Irvine is set in the not so distant future following Brexit. It introduces us to Neil and Amala, two friends who have invented a tracking device that is now being used by the British government. While the two have become billionaires from their invention, there is unease that the government may be using the tracker in ways that weren’t intended. We also meet Millie, a Professor who is an expert in radicalisation, and Ella, a journalist and also Neil’s wife. Things come to a head when a terrorist attack puts them in the frontline of danger and their world begins to implode.

A Killing Sin Book Cover


Ok, like I said, I don’t think I will be able to do this amazing book justice. So what I’m going to do is tell you my favourite things about A Killing Sin and let you decide for yourself if they match your interests.

First topic is the religious divide the world is currently explaining. Unfortunately, after Brexit, discrimination against Muslims has increased, as well as terrorist groups and attacks. Now, by no means would I say the divide is 50/50 regarding this topic. However, there are some interesting debates about the treatment of Muslims and the differing sides of Islam that will get you thinking.

Secondly, A Killing Sin focuses on the radicalisation of white British women. For some, like me, who aren’t so informed on this topic, there are some interesting things to learn. This also feeds into another aspect of the book that I love. That is, that it is a heavily female book. Something new in this genre, if you ask me.

In addition, A Killing Sin includes even more hard hitting topics, nail-biting twists and turns, and violence in places (although it fits the theme of this book). Do you think this is something you would read?

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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